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Wednesday, 29 October 2014 00:00

Anbukumar Subramanian, Coimbatore

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In Manufacturing, the implementation of systems is a critical experience for an Engineer. He /she needs to learn the system in the first place. Many times Engineers get this chance early in their career. When they get the chance they need to learn the principles / concepts in a clear manner. Only then they can hope to implement those systems elsewhere. Not every Engineer learns these concepts well.

Anbukumar Subramanian is definitely one of those who learned the concepts of Lean and Quality principles in companies like Rane TRW, Nokia etc.

After this when he joined his next company, he was well equipped with good concepts.

Anbu managed the cultural differences very well to implement the Lean principles in Elgi Equipment limited’s China factory. He worked with the local team under the able guidance of his boss and implemented Lean / TQM principles in China factory of Elgi. Anbu got a unique chance to implement several projects and he made good of every one of them.

Anbu can deal very well with the people element. He develops good relationships and ensures the people are bought in to the system that he is trying to implement. This is a very critical quality for a Systems implementer.

Anbu is definitely one of the progressive Engineers who learnt Lean / Quality concepts and is capable of reproducing them in companies that he works for.

Anbukumar Subramanian is a true manufacturing star!  Keep it up Anbu!!

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