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There are several Companies in India who have developed their Manufacturing skills and Skills for marketing their Products in Indian Market and in Overseas Markets. While this is true, there are several companies where there is a lot of struggle in improving these skills. Similarly there are several Entrepreneurs who have gone up the ladder and settled down in their own respective fields. There are several more who are attempting to become Entrepreneurs. The Indian Manufacturing. Com is attempting to bring out these experiences and advice from Senior Leaders / Experts / Entrepreneurs.

Manufacturing Heroes - Unplugged
  Leaders Speak
Leaders in Indian Manufacturing are taking aggressive steps to manage their Products, Processes and People in an efficient manner. The Leaders are leading their teams to the International arena while working with Customers from across the globe in India. Listen to these Senior Leaders from Indian Manufacturing talking about their experiences and their advice to others in the Industry.
  Experts Speak
With the Indian Manufacturing Companies going overseas and also supplying to Customers world over from India, there are several wonderful experiences that the Functional Managers are going through. The Companies in the Industry can learn from these experiences. Listen in to these Experts..
  Entrepreneurs Speak
The backbone of Indian Manufacturing is the Mid sized companies. Many Entrepreneurs have got good experience in the book time a few years back and also in the slow down of past 2-3 years. There are several companies who are managing their businesses very well. Listen in to these Entrepreneurs,their experiences and their advice to those who are starting off..